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Talking about kitchen fitting prices

We live in a free market economy and prices in such an environment are driven by simple supply and demand laws: “If all factors are equal, the higher a price is for a good, the less apt buyers will be to pay the price for the good and, therefore, the smaller the quantity of the good will be sold. However, if supply for a good is very high, but a seller has a very low quantity of the good, the price can be very high and the seller will still benefit.”(source: market economy)

Now, think about this and apply the same wording to buying your kitchen cabinets. How many of us need new worktops or new tiling, a new washing machine or fancy ovens? What you want is a luxury buy at a very cheap price. Do you know how many people are involved in bringing your furniture together, from manufacturing to installing? When someone else is doing something for you (because you can’t or don’t have time) you pay not only for the product or service itself but for the manual labor, time and skill of that person thus you get what you pay for.

Fitting your kitchen cabinets and worktops, washing machines, hobs, and cookers, is manual work. The more skilled and precise the installation, the more expensive the worker is. And trust me, the difference between your dream kitchen and an absolute nightmare is the precision and focus with which it was assembled, installed and how well were you able to communicate throughout the entire process.

Furniture now days is made from a mixture of materials from solid wood to plywood and plastic, the more wood the more expensive.

Appliances come in all sorts of shapes and colors, technology moves at an alarming pace, they need to fit with the rest of the furniture and also do their thing. Gone are the days when you would only need a good stove.

Designers are interesting people that come up with shapes and colors that give you the illusion of a certain architecture and lifestyle, therefore they have taste and style. They cost a lot too.

The furniture needs to be displayed in showrooms. Rent has gone up.

A fitter will be the one that will put everything together, materialise your dream kitchen, connect the pipes so it won’t flood your floor, rewire the electricity so your kettle can brew the perfect cup of tea, connect all appliances so they work, polish the granite worktop and smile while perfectly aligning the edges so that your cabinet doors whisper happiness to you.

And you want everything to happen quickly, without mess, noise or unpleasant surprises. You want to brag to your friends and neighbors about the great bargain, the exquisite product that shows your good taste and finally, about the company that made it all possible.

Communication is vital, don’t be afraid to ask the company how did they come to that price, what is the material made of, how long will it last, why did your neighbour get a better quote, can you verify the information, who is the designer, who is the fitter, what is the fitter’s feedback, can you see other work that he made, what are the telephone numbers in case things go wrong, what is the timing, what happens if the company does not deliver its promises, what about the appliances, can you get them cheaper somewhere else? Etc

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