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How I started making bespoke furniture

People ask me why did I choose kitchens? Why did I start? How did I know that “this” is the “thing”?!

Back when I was in University, I was sitting on the floor of the study room and thought of how handy a coffee table would be just to unwind and take a break from the books. And then I made it. I thought of it and then I built it.

There is something magical about materializing a thought through creation. I measured everything, cut the pieces and made a coffee table that sits in that room even today. It wasn’t a wobbly project, it was a coffee table.

After this, I started making furniture pieces in my sister’s garage. I would learn by doing and getting it wrong. My mom was the first to ask for a new kitchen. This was 12 years ago. She still loves it and she is the proudest mother in the world.

I kept making furniture, people started coming to me with their own projects and after a while a started creating my own sketches. The difficult part was getting the high-quality materials and reliable providers. It helps when you are honest and considerate because people will try to be the same with you.

I use high quality and precision tools while working with furniture big brands and I take my time listening to the customer‘s needs as they go through the project.

I am now a kitchen fitter mainly, but I have big plans and hope to bring to life some of my recent creations and see them in people’s homes.

Woodworking is not an industry but an art.

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