The process

The stages of the bespoke services we provide are depicted below and are intended to illustrate the flow of a typical bespoke project as well as payment procedure. The majority of our work is based on referrals from past clients which demonstrates our commitment to quality and transparency. After reading our reviews, we may set up a meeting with one of our customers for you to see the standards of our custom jobs. We work at the high end of the bespoke kitchen and cabinetry market, and our fees reflect this. Bespoke kitchens start at £15k while bespoke wardrobes start at £5k.

From design to manufacturing and installation, we are your complete solution for a kitchen as unique as yours.

The first stage

The first stage consists of an introduction and a discussion of the cabinetry needed. The bespoke sketch is simple and straightforward. At this point, we’ll draw out a rough floor plan and go through all of the materials, appliances, and work that’s been requested. We can then provide a quote and proceed to the next step.

From design to manufacturing and installation, we are your complete solution for a kitchen as unique as yours.

The second stage

The second stage is high-quality bespoke design and production. We will create a complete design of your cabinetry, wardrobe, bookcase, storage units or kitchen cabinets needed, accessories, and functionality based on your original thoughts and brief. We’ll take a 50% deposit (minus the cost of installation) and get to work on your bespoke cabinets in our state-of-the-art workshop.

Reception and delivery

Reception and delivery is the third stage. When your bespoke cabinets are finished, you can inspect them in the workshop before delivery or contact us through email/photos. We will charge the outstanding 50% of the agreed fee in the contract for production and set a suitable delivery date if you are satisfied with the results thus far.

Installation and sign-off/warranty

Installation and sign-off/warranty are the final stages of the process. You have the option of having us install your beautiful bespoke cabinets after delivery, or you can use an independent fitting service. We strongly advise that you hire us for the complete procedure, but if you have the ability and resources to fit yourself, we will assist you as much as possible. We will release relevant gas electric certifications and your warranty upon completion if you choose our installation service. Warranty might range from 25 years (for laminate MFC or MDF boards) to lifetime (depending on the materials you choose) (Solid oak or Hdf painted boards). Soft-closing hinges and runners are standard, and a lifetime warranty is included. Our commitment to you is to provide high-quality bespoke kitchens and furniture, outstanding personal customer service, and honesty.

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