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Frequent questions and answers or what to expect from the fitting?

I noticed that most people have the same fears and dilemmas of the trade, the installation process, of the people carrying out the work. Therefore I gathered some ideas for you to check out.

If you have questions of your own please post and I will do my best to answer.

Q1: When to pay the tradesman?

A1: As a homeowner, make sure you understand the costs involved in delivering your project by discussing the details with your chosen tradesperson at the beginning for maximum transparency. And when you have agreed to a payment plan, make sure you make the payment if the work has been delivered as requested.


Q2: What are the cost expectations?

A2: It is only natural that when considering a tradesperson, you will already have an idea of how much you are willing to spend on your project. You may have compared your requirement with a similar job your neighbor, friend or family member may have recently had done. Although this is logical, many homeowners don’t realize that small changes or additions to a project can significantly add to the costs.

If you’re on a budget, or unsure about how much something’s going to cost, get a good few quotes from various tradespeople to paint a clear picture of how much you’re going to need to spend as opposed to how much you think you will need. Most importantly, ensure that you get clarity from your chosen tradesperson as to why the costs are different to what you expected – this way, you’ll be better prepared


Q3: Am I being overcharged?

A3: It is important to remember that your knowledge gap can create unrealistic expectations on how much things cost and this can lead to claims of being overcharged. Always take the time to calmly ask about the costs and understand where they are coming from. Trades people usually work with products and materials they are already familiar with and know they will work and fit in properly, so if you would like to choose something else to bear in mind that it might not be suitable for your home.


Q4: What if I have something urgent to communicate?

A4: It can be alarming when something goes wrong with your home especially when you don’t have the experience to judge how bad it is and if it’s going to get worse quickly. It’s easy to overreact in this situation. There is absolutely no harm in expressing that you want the job done quickly but it is important to also stay calm and think logically about whether the work can wait a few days so that your chosen tradesperson can fit it into their schedule. Good tradespeople always do their best to accommodate your needs when possible but they are also working to timelines they have agreed with other customers.


Q5: Should I keep a constant watch over the tradespeople while they do their work?

A5: No one likes to be watched whilst they work. Tradespeople are no different. So leave them to do the job you hired them to do. This doesn’t mean to say that you can’t check in with them every now and again to see how it’s going – it is your home after all – but less is more in this instance. As we all know, a happy working environment is a productive one, so keep this in mind and avoid peering over your tradesperson’s shoulder and distracting them with questions.


Q6: Should I advise or instruct tradespeople on their job?

A6: We get it. It’s your home, your project, and your budget so you don’t want anyone coming in and doing things the wrong way. However, you’ve employed a fully-qualified tradesperson for your job, so listen to the advice they are giving you and then leave them to do the job. The survey results are clear – tradespeople don’t like being watched or being told how to do their work properly – so give them the space to complete the job for you without interruption.

If on the other hand, you are worried about the way a tradesperson is doing the job then ask them to stop and explain the situation to you. There is no point silently fretting and paying for the work only to then complain when the tradesperson has left.


Q7: Why is the work not being completed to my satisfactory standard?

A7: If you decide to go against the tradesperson’s advice or cut corners, choosing items and materials based on price rather than quality then you are not always going to get the finish you want. It is also likely that the end result, even if it does look good, doesn’t last as long as you want. Your tradesperson can advise you on where you can save money.


Q8: Should I offer the tradespeople a cup of tea and biscuits?

Q9: It is up to you really, however, professionals will refuse them unless it is a particularly hot or cold day outside and they have been working for some time.

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