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Bespoke Kitchen Walk-through

This is our latest project in kitchen design and installation, please look at the video below for a tour of the brand new kitchen! We had about 75 square meters full flooring to do, installed a bin, dishwasher, sink base, varnished wood worktops, all doors are soft close, the sink base is fitted with an incinerator […]

Frequent questions and answers or what to expect from the fitting?

I noticed that most people have the same fears and dilemmas of the trade, the installation process, of the people carrying out the work. Therefore I gathered some ideas for you to check out. If you have questions of your own please post and I will do my best to answer. Q1: When to pay the […]

Talking about kitchen fitting prices

We live in a free market economy and prices in such an environment are driven by simple supply and demand laws: “If all factors are equal, the higher a price is for a good, the less apt buyers will be to pay the price for the good and, therefore, the smaller the quantity of the good […]

How I started making bespoke furniture

People ask me why did I choose kitchens? Why did I start? How did I know that “this” is the “thing”?! Back when I was in University, I was sitting on the floor of the study room and thought of how handy a coffee table would be just to unwind and take a break from […]